Saturday, February 28, 2009

Much Needed Rest...

I am officially on spring break, and I need it! These last 8 weeks have been kicking my ass but I'm still alive!

In regards to the paper that I complained about; I got a 98.5% on it! I was a little miffed that she took a point off for "using the minimum amount of citations," but I'm sure that no teacher likes to give out 100%, especially on a paper. Nevertheless, that puts me at a 98% for the class, 97.7% actually, heading into the final!

This week, I will be starting to pack, catching up and maybe getting ahead in some of my readings, getting a massage and a hair cut, and in general, laying around. Unless the weather gets better, then I'll be outside playing!

We learned about ostomy and wound care this week, and how to do head exams (I'm still not sure how to see a problem inside someone's nose with all that nose hair), and we're getting ready to start clinicals in 3 weeks! I'm pretty bummed that our first clinical is just an orientation, but our instructor told us she also has a scavenger hunt for her students on the floor to make it a little more fun! I just hope we don't piss off any nurses!

Any advice on clinicals would be greatly appreciated!

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