Friday, February 6, 2009

Let the crazy begin!!

This week was rather uneventful except for labs.

We used the Sim Man and Sim Baby to hear various heartbeats, learning how to block out breath sounds, counting infant heart rates (damn! those are fast!!), and really getting a good understanding on how the human heart actually works.

I really have the utmost respect for anyone who works intimately with the heart or anything to do with the heart. It is one of the most confusing parts of the body! My instructor is awesome and stayed after lab and went over the heart sounds one on one with me. I am still slightly fuzzy about the S1/S2 thing... but I'm working on it.

I also got to put in an NG tube! Ok, it wasn't in a person, it was in the mannequin, but it was interesting! It was really hard to get the NG tube through the nares and into the back of the throat, but I'm assuming that it's not that difficult in a real person!

Next up? Urinary catheters. Eek!!

These next upcoming weeks are going to be a handful, especially this week. I've got 1 exam, 1 midterm, a paper due, skills tests, and a portfolio due on top of the usual weekly homework.



  1. No, ng tubes are as nasty and brutal a procedure as you'll have to do. They are worse than urinary catheters, by far.

  2. I think NG tubes are TERRIFYING. Havent done one on a real person yet, but just the thought of shoving that tube down somebodys nose while they choke makes me feel nervous. Urinary caths are much less scary to me- but here's a tip:

    KEEP THE SHEATH ON THE CATHETER WHILE YOU DO EVERYTHING. take it off at the last minute. they whip around and get all unsterile otherwise (speaking from mortifying experience)