Monday, February 2, 2009

Just when I thought I was over one OCD...

Last semester, because of microbiology, I became so paranoid about cleanliness that I cleaned everything in my house with bleach on a weekly (and some items daily) basis! I finally calmed down about that to have a new OCD flare up today in the middle of class!

We were discussing the cardiovascular and peripheral vascular systems. We talked about various problems and what causes them and the risk factors, etc... I started getting concerned when we talked about circulation in general. My feet are always cold, and I asked my teacher to explain the difference between someone with naturally cold feet, and the cold feel of someone who has a blockage in their, say, femoral artery. This was the exchange that ensued:
me - "my feet are always cold, how is that different?"
her - "well, if someone's feet are cold from a blockage, they will be cold year round unlike yours which, I'm sure, warm up in the summer."
me - "um, nope."
her - "really? I mean in July, your feet are cold to the touch?" (insert touch of sarcasm)
me - "actually, yeah they are... I wear socks year round and am always buried under a blanket."
her - "well, I'm talking about when you are outside in the summer, not inside in central air."
me - "me too."
her - "well, you may have a blockage in one of your arteries or have Renaud's Phenomenon."
me - "um, ok...." (shrinks into chair and has minor panic attack)

Later, I was convinced that I had a DVT and it was going to break off and become a pulmonary embolism. (insert 2nd panic attack here)

At one point I almost had myself convinced that I had CHF.

After lecture we had lab, to practice feeling pulses, hearing heart sounds, lung sounds, checking for edema, etc... I was petrified!!! I was sure they were not going to be able to get a pedal pulse on me and that would confirm my fear that I was dying!

Suffice it to say... I have a full and bounding pedal pulse, I have normal calf cramps not a DVT and since there was no sign stating otherwise, I do not have CHF. I am healthy as a horse! At least in my body... the mind is another story all together...

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  1. It's ok. Raynaud's isn't the end of the world. I have it, and it just means wearing socks :-p but you already knew that!