Thursday, January 29, 2009

One Month Down...

So here we are. One month into the first semester of full nursing courses. I assume this is when most nursing students ask themselves "why do I want to be a nurse again??"

When you ask one of my fellow students how they are doing, all of our standard responses are "I feel like my head is going to explode!" I spoke with a few today about feeling like we are racing to catch up on course work, even though we actually haven't fallen behind, and feeling like we've learned absolutely NOTHING in the last year and a half of pre-nursing requisites. I actually had to look up today what the hell a granulocyte was because I didn't remember it!

The course work itself consists of a crap ton of reading (which is to be expected), and that's not the hard part. The fact that we are learning all this material in a new language (at least it's new to us!) is the real problem. Learning how to apply the material we've read or discussed in lecture is another tricky task all together!

We are so busy and sleep deprived. I've got bags under my eyes and almost zero appetite. A non-nursing friend saw me on campus yesterday (whom I haven't seen since about Thanksgiving) and with a very concerned look on his face asked me "what's wrong? Is everything ok?" My response was "I'm fine, I'm just a nursing student."

We've all given up on make up and cute hairdos and opted for throwing the hair up in a rubberband, or as my family affectionately refers to as the "rat's nest", dark circles under the eyes and sweat pants. We definitely do not fit the stereotype of the sexy nurses!

Our labs are a lot of fun though! Learning how to take vitals, listen to belly noises, practicing using restraints, learning how to use slide boards, etc... It's nice to finally put somethings we've read about in books to use!

If I'd have had time, I would have mourned the loss of my social life. The Boy complains sometimes that I'm not paying attention to him. I tell him I will give him attention when I have a free minute, around 3 am. He's good for the most part, though.

Well, I'm off to study some more (shocker!).


  1. What a great post to start off with! I'm really looking forward to reading you, and I can STILL remember those days in nursing school vividly 17 years of luck, and I'll be following. Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

  2. I hear you on that. Just wait until you're in clinicals :-D

    I find that the absolute BEST thing to do when you're feeling icky about nursing school is to find someone who will let you do an observation shift in something cool. Always restores my enthusiasm.